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Graphic Shapes

獎項 Prizes



Prizes will be awarded for


第一至第五名 - 獎杯及證書



Each Group will have the following prize:

1st to 5th Prize - Trophy and Certificate

85 Marks or above - Gold Certificate

80 Marks or above - Silver Certificate

Below 80 Marks - Participation Certificate


Teacher will receive Outstanding Teacher Certificate when 5 or more students participate the competition

比賽規則 Regulations



Please read following regulations carefully


Live competition will be held for this edition. Please read the website for updated information.


There is no refund for any reason.

3. 更改資料每次收費80元正(港幣)。

HKD 80 will be charged for any changes of information.

4. 出年齡組外參賽者可以參加用一首樂曲超過一個項目。

Participate can use same piece to participate different groups. (except Age group)

5. 參賽者可選擇背譜或看譜演奏和演唱。

Participant can choose to play or sing by or not by memory.

6. 由於比賽者衆多,我們會通過 whatsapp 及電郵回答所有問題,不便之處,敬請原諒。

Due to huge number of participants, we will answer all questions through whatsapp and email. 

7. 評判有最後決定比賽獲獎權,任何人不得有異議,不設上訴機制。我們將不會接受對我們的工作及行政人員無禮。如有此情況出現我們將會取消參賽者參賽資格。

Jury's decision is final. No appeal. We do not tolerate any misbehaviour to our staff. We will disqualify the participant.

8. 任何更改為每次每項港幣80元正。(如大會批准更改)

We will HKD 80 for each changes.(if applicable)

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